Alpha Tree Productions is a film production and post production company. We offer the services below. Please contact us HERE for any quotes, questions or help you need.

- Film Editing

- Directing

- Cinematography

- Equipment Rentals

- Assistants

- 3D Models

- Visual Effects

- Color Grading

- Rotoscoping

- Animation

- Green Screen Footage

- Script-writing

- Sound Editing

- Video Restoration

- DCP Packages

- Transcribing

- Subtitles

- Storyboarding

- Producing

- Production Management

- Sound Design

- Music

- Sound Effects

- Stock Footage

- Videography

- Lighting

- Video/Audio Conversion


About Alpha Tree Productions

In 2011 Christopher Birk had recently finished acting school but was eager to produce his own film. Being inspired by a friend, he decided to make his first project one of Stephen King's lesser known short stories - WILLA - one that had never been adapted into a film before. This haunting story came together fast - and with it, Alpha Tree Productions was born.


The importance of the production company from the beginning was, and still is, to focus on the "underrepresented and quaint". This lead to a string of Drag-themed LGBT documentaries from 2015-17. Still focusing on documentaries as well, 2019,2020 and 2021 will return to more horror, both adapted and original, with "John in the Woods' as well as some lesser known stories from Bram Stoker and Algernon Blackwood. These will also be the years where we turn to thrillers in some original scripts yet to be completed.


We are a production comapny with a big heart and little funds. But we are always excited to hear from anyone with ideas and scripts, so feel free to send a mail through the CONTACT section of the website. And should you be interested in helping us with funding or investing in any of our productions please don't hesitate to reach out as well.

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