Alpha Tree Productions

The Date

Short Film -January 2016


Two guys meet on a date that doesn't go quite as expected, neither for them or the viewer. This film was a big hit on YouTube and has created quite a discussion about some of the topics touched in the film.


Starring: Troy Iwata, Tim Kava


Written By: Christopher Birk


Directed By: Dani Prados


Produced By: Christopher Birk


Documentary -July 2016


The lives of drag queens have always fascinated people and in recent years it has become an even more popular profession. But where does it come from, what does it mean and was it always just fun and games? Join a bunch of drag queens, all telling their different stories about where they are and how they got there as well as their view on what's going on today.


Starring: Chaka Khanvict, Maddelynn Hatter, Jada Valenciaga, Bob The Drag Queen, Miss Peppermint, Ivy Winters, Sherry Vine, Sister Roma, Hedda Lettuce, Ariel Italic


Directed and Produced By: Christopher Birk




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