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Ten Stories

Documentary - December 2018


This documentary tells the stories of ten different people, all touched by homelessness and having to make a living in the streets.


Directed By: Christopher Birk

Trapped In Amber

Short Film


When a man can't let go of the past, he is immediately in danger from the local community after befriending a young girl - and with serious consequenses.


Starring: Jeffrey Turboff, Caroline Octavec, Matt Nicholas


Written By: Daniel Brown


Directed By: Daniel Brown


Produced By: Daniel Brown, Christopher Birk

A Queen For The People

Documentary - December 2018


Bob the Drag Queen became a name on many people's lips after winning RuPaul's Drag Race season 8. But Bob has been working for many years before. This film covers Bob's life before going on the show as well as during and after. Through interviews with family and friends we get to know Bob just a little more intimately.


Starring: Bob The Drag Queen, Martha Caldwell


Directed By: Christopher Birk


Produced By: Bob The Drag Queen, Alexandra Rivera

John In The Woods

Horror - October 2018


John goes to the woods to gather his thoughts and to find what he is owed. But there is something wrong and soon he realizes that his very recent past may be haunting him more than he thought it ever could.


Starring: Matias Jimenez Nayblat


Written By: Christopher Birk


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